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Rencontres de l'Excellence Londres du 5 au 16 août 2020

Les smart cities, écosystèmes et Droits de la Nature Voir descriptif détaillé

Rencontres de l'Excellence Londres du 5 au 16 août 2020

Les smart cities, écosystèmes et Droits de la Nature Voir descriptif détaillé

Menez à bien d'incroyables projets scientifiques !
Des voyages scientifiques qui changent le monde
Des aventures hors du commun, des projets réels pour le développement durable

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Le Journal de Bord

5 août 2020

Départ de Paris Gare du Nord à 13 h 13 et Arrivée à Saint Pancras 14 h 39 heure locale à Londres.

la fine équipe pour 12 jours !

puis installation à l’Auberge de Jeunesse

The very first thing we did, arriving in London, was to sit in a park and play some games to get to know each other. It also was the occasion to look around us, notice the differences from France such as cars driving on the left, and so on. Then we took the tube to go to our final destination.

After settling down at Abercorn House, we decided to go for a walk in the neighborhood to get some groceries for breakfast and noon. We then went to look for a place to eat, and agreed on some pub/restaurant. It was very good. When getting back to the House, we played « Cards against humanity », which was fun. After that we went to bed after a very long day.

6 août 2020

The next morning, we went to a park next to the House, and decided the rules to follow, and also talked about the organization of the stay, and started digging into the theme of the project, in order to get to « work » as soon as possible to have an elaborate project at the end.

We had an activity regarding our skills around the theme, such as how we work as a team, our knowledge on the project and so on. We also learned about the concept of the « hero’s journey », which basically is a plan that can be applied on every single project or journey one encounters in his life (discovery, obstacles, perseverance and resolution).


On the afternoon we went on a sensorial walk. we had to choose a way on a London map to find five observations by smelling, hearing, seeing and touching. So we went in the Barbican district near Liverpool street. On the evening we draw everything that we wanted to do in the next few days in London.

7 août 2020

This morning we talked about ecosystems and we linked their components such as water, humans, soils, sun, ... and the impact of each of them on the others.


Before lunch, we used a mindmap to identify our project and to define the main question that will lead all our activities during this journey : How Megacities and environnement can work together for a durable project.

After a quick lunch in the park and a few games, we came back to the youth hostel, and planned activities for the next few days with a retro-planning and we defined our personnal qualities.

At the evening, we went to a mexican restaurant, and then played Hide and seek inside the inn. While she was outside, Marine saw a fox.

8 août 2020

This morning, we went to the square, and planned our afternoon trip to Camden, and the different interviews that we are going to make, while squirrels were playing next to us.
While Marion and Manon were making sandwich, the rest of the team wrote mails to the different experts to get interviews.


This afternoon, we were in Camden to interview people about thrift store and consumption. We talked to sellers in vintage stores, customers, punks, tourists... After that, we took some time for us and bought stuffs. Then we went back to the hostel.
We talked about our roles in a group ; what is a leader, and a follower.

9 août 2020

This morning, we went to the city center of London with a bus. We visited Buckingham Palace and saw the royal guards. After that, we went to the speaker’s corner (Hyde park). There, some people would talk about any subject. Most of them talked about religion.


After eating at Prêt à Manger, we took the tube to visit the museum of London. It tells the whole story of the city from the Prehistoric period from nowadays. The visit was linked to our project because we wanted to know if London took different measures to help nature through the ages. We learned a lot about London history, the visit was really interesting. After meeting all together at the end, we planned the end of the day : grocery and the evening. We all agree that we were exhausted ! So we went back to Abercorn House, where we had a little rest before dinner. After dinner, we played Time’s up, a funny game. We had to guess the name of famous people but some of them were not known by everyone !

10 août 2020

Today, we planned the interview of the afternoon. We made some researches about the themes we wanted to ask questions about.

We then wrote the questions down. It took a lot of time ! Indeed, all of us were giving our ideas without really taking a decision. We talked about it to be more efficient next time ! Marine also gave us the disqualified people of our game, the Werewolf. Tension is growing ! For lunch, we ate fish and chips for some of us, and pies or mac&cheese for the others, which were delicious !


After lunch we went to the city to interview some people. There were many different opinions. Once we get back we wrote the text for the presentation to Michèle, the program supervisor.

11 août 2020

This morning we had a meeting with Michèle. We explained the way we work and the final objective of our project. There was a surprise guest who is the founder of OSI, Thomas Egli.
link to the visio conference


After our lunch we had planned a busy afternoon. Indeed we had three interviews with experts. First, we interviewed Mumta Ito (a specialist of the rights of nature), then Wilfried Tchekpo (a geographer specialized in water management) at last Colin Robertson (a nature lawyer). These interviews were really interesting and we all learned a lot. We also had a debriefing after each interview and after we spent the evening at the restaurant.

Ted ex by Mumta Ito https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nZ9u2ZoIJo

what about Colin Robertson ? https://urlz.fr/dDib

Wilfried Tchepko is also chairman of Afrisciences , see his statement in Geneva Forum december 2017

12 août 2020

This morning we woke up, made our sandwich and then we quickly went to Richmond Park. The park was huge and beautiful and we saw wild animals.

There’s even a hind that had attacked me because I got too close to it. After that event Benoît made us modeling a simple ecosystem and we watched a video about how wolves affect rivers.


We called Cedric, another « expert » to ask him some questions about ecosystems, and his work. It was a really interesting exchange.

Who is Cédric Gaucherel ? http://amap-collaboratif.cirad.fr/pages-chercheurs/?page_id=358

Then when we went back to the bus it started raining in huge amounts and we ended up being soaked. In the afternoon we worked on our project in order to have it ready on Saturday.

Later in the evening we ate Italian food and after that we played some games at the Youth Hostel.

13 août 2020

On the morning we first did some communication exercises and then, after learning on the scientific demarche, we continued working on the project before going for some groceries.

This afternoon we went to Leicester Park to begin a big orientation game. There were two teams who had to ask people in the streets to find some places thanks to clues given by Benoît and Marine and go there. The first who went to all the places won. It was the red team. We had also to ask people to tell us the story of our potato that we just named before. Then we wanted to film some scenes but we realized that we weren’t really ready for it. So we switched our schedule and got an hour of free time. After the free time we went to a restaurant in Chinatown. It was good.

14 août 2020

This morning, after the Forum, we finished writing the scripts of the researches and began to film.

Wrote by Leo Müllbacher.

In the afternoon, we improved the final project : wrote speeches, filmed, edited. This lasted many hours.

15 août 2020

We continued the whole day the editing of the project. Leo, Vadim and Manon worked on their computers. We also packed our bag. Marion, Coline, Jeanne-Marie and (maybe) Leo dyed their hair in blue as a memory of the camp. The evening is far from over, there is still a lot of job. We concluded our project by making a critic of this journey and assess our personal skills. For the dinner, we will go to the center and enjoy our last evening.

Marion Uhrich

leaving the initiative to a group of young people to choose a theme and making it their « own »

Et voici la vidéo finale réalisée durant le séjour : https://youtu.be/yXKqDh9d26Y

The last evening, we took the boat on the Thames and walk in London after sunset.
Merci à tous.
16 août 2020

Retour en France.


eating or not eating there is the question !

so many choices

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