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European Meetings of Excellence


Located in the Training Center of the NGO Objectif Sciences International, the Meetings of Excellence will welcome young people 13-30 years old from seven European countries for one week. Various workshops will enable them to develop their skills in project management.

13-15 years 16-18 years 18-22 years 25-55 years
Lieu : France Canada Tahiti Swiss Alps
Domaines : Efficiency, Organisation, Team working, Communication, Methodology, Management of Project, Scientific Journalism, Rights of Nature,
Participants : 20
Encadrants : 5 trainers

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  • Training session from the 2nd to the 9th of August 2014
  • Co-Financed by the European Youth Exchange ERASMUS Programme
  • Transport financed !

To contact us :
From Switzerland : +00 41 225 19 04 40
From France : +00 33 185 08 36 30
From Belgium : +00 32 23 18 35 65

For children from 7 to 12, teenagers from 13 to 18, adults and families, science camps are also offered at the same period (see this link).

For further details about the Meetings of Excellence offered to teenagers and young adults, please read below.

After welcoming all the young people of different age ranges, teams will be built to constitute the sub-groups of the Meetings of Excellence. The workshops and new-learnt skills listed below are adapted to each age range and there is a progression from one year to the next for the young people who come back.

After your arrival on Sunday evening, you will have 7 full days to go further on your project and progress with the other participants and highly qualified educators. These educators are either members of the NGO Objectif Sciences International or external speakers appreciated for their professionalism and selected by the NGO after successful collaboration.

The training will take place in an peaceful and joyful atmosphere. Children, teenagers or adults participating will rediscover themselves after carrying out an ambitious and concrete project... This training will also enable them to get a certificate that can be added to their curriculum vitae or used at school or University to have academic credits.

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 SPECIAL EUROPEAN PROJECT in 5 languages and with participants from 7 countries

French – English – German – Spanish – Portuguese
Switzerland – Belgium – France – Germany – Spain – England – Portugal
Open to teenagers and youg adults from 13 to 30 !
Do not miss this exciting and inspiring project !

During this one week stay, you will live in a group of 20 to 30 people from 7 european countries, as well as from Russia and Japan.

Your common goal : To make a report which will be shown in all these languages and countries with your name as an author, on the issue of the return of the wolf in the Alps, of prospective laws concerning the wolf, and more generally, of the Rights of Nature.

To make this report, you will walk in the mountain or work in a lab, with handheld cameras or… with the help of drones which will take films and photos while you make them fly above your head !

You will be trained to project management and to the concepts which underlie projects for Conventions on the Rights of Nature. Once back home, you will be able to create a local OSI group dedicated to the Rights of Nature and to go out and meet the stakeholders and media of your country.

You will also make photos with specialists.

This outstanding multilingual camp will allow a perfect cultural melting pot and will enable you to learn other languages

The European Union has accepted this Youth in Action project and gives full subvention to each participant. Therefore, it is affordable for you all, without regard to the situation. Call us to know more about the conditions of the offer

The beautiful landscapes of the Alps and of Provence as well as their wild inhabitants need you to come to these « Meetings of Excellence » dedicated to the Rights of Nature.

You will find below the description of this week of « Meetings of Excellence »

The « Meetings of Excellence » offer an educationnal environment which enables the participants to acquire key skills for their personnal and professional development, by the mean of conception, preparation and animation of a final project. The whole stay will be in a happy and peaceful environment, in an exceptionnal natural setting...

This training programme is designed specifically for teenagers and young adults who want to take control of their own future. This is why there will be workshops as well as sport and cultural activities which will leave them with unforgettable memories. Exciting evenings will also be organized with and by the participants !

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This camp joins together competent members of the international association and active European members of the network of Objectif Sciences International. Moreover, it is supervised by the Direction of the International Bureau, in close collaboration with the Direction of the European Center.

Therefore, the young people will be in immediate contact with the top management of these organisations dedicated to education to sciences and sustainable development.

In accordance with Objectif Sciences International’s teaching methods, the programme of the Meetings of Excellence will offer to work on a full project during the week. In order to achieve this project, the participants will be able to follow several workshops, as well as sport and cultural activities which will be a good way to learn to know each other while having a good time in Nature.

Friday night will be dedicated to seasonal festivities (Halloween in October or summer celebrations in August for example). The last evening, on Saturday night, will be entirely dedicated to the participants and educators so that everyone can enjoy each other’s company for the last time before leaving the next morning. The week will definitely be full of festivities !

 The Final Draft

Summer Camp : To realise a report which will be broadcasted in the language of all the participants and in their countries, with their signature as author, on the issue of the return of the wolf in the Alps, on the Rights of the wolf ans, more generally, on the Rights of Nature.

To make this report, they will walk on the slopes of the mountains or work in a lab. They will be able to use handheld cameras or cameras carried by drones that they will learn to use !

A round-table will be organized on Saturday by the participants on the subject they have been studying for one week. This training will enable them to do the same once they back in their own country !


Autumn Camp : The project offered for the European Meetings of Excellence of the autumn will consist in organising together the round tables of the General Assembly for the end of the week. This General Assembly will bring together all the participants of autumn camps and the parents (for a list of Autumn Science Camp follow this link.

Every year, this event is co-organized and managed by the participants of the Meetings of Excellence ; it deals with an issue in the light of the scientific and geopolitic situation of the moment (access to water, women’s condition, food, etc).

The whole process is directly linked to the contents and shape of the activities realised with the participants during the year (science camps, solidarity leaves, school trips, etc). The evening will then continue in a joyful and convivial atmosphere.

Each day, participants will attend various workshops based on their age as well as the theme of the final project :

 Organising a round table

This workshop will enable the participants to organise their training together. They will prepare and organise themselves to make an interesting meeting on Saturday, in which they will be speakers and leaders. This meeting will take place with the participants present there and with the parents, educators, journalists and technical workers of the place. Everyone will be invited to contribute to the discussions and debates.

- Check-list
- Media relations
- Timing
- Before, during and after
- Organisation of space
- Inter-speaker relations

 Project management

In this workshop, the participants will organise themselves and share the tasks in order to carry out their project to a successful end !

- Project Approach
- Project Management
- Theory and Structure of the Projects
- Implementation of simple or complex projetcts
- Schedule and other key factors for success

 Organising and structuring thoughts

During this exchange time, the participants will understand how to take a decision in the fastest and most optimal way, they will learn about prioritisation and about their own capacity to know precisely what they are aiming to.

- Use and create mindmaps
- Make the difference between effectiveness and efficiency, understand how to join both together
- Organise a brainstorming session
- Know how to stay on course, how to keep the initial objective on target

 Communicating on the results

During the training, the participants of the Meetings of Excellence will learn and illustrate their arguments, whether they are about logistic and educationnal issues or rather technical and scientific. This workshop will give them the keys to communicate on the results of their reflexion, observations and researches

- Oral communication
- Answering, then managing the debates
- Making an effective visual presentation
- Writing an clear summary
- Presenting an impactful poster
- Convincing and selling ideas (communication logic)

 Reliability of Sources of Information

During the exchanges described above, the participants might have to cross-check information to be sure that they are trustworthy. This workshop will therefore enable them to be more confident about their subject and information during the round-tables, and to have more credibility in the eyes of their surroundings.

In particular :

- Drive attention on the reliability of information sources
- Wikipedia and other collaborative tools (such as the intranet of the NGO)
- Quote one’s references and sources
- Check one’s data and information or make them check by someone else who can quote
- Validate one’s sources of information
- Conduct an investigation
- Be able to reproduce a quoted experiment

 Learn how to learn

Throughout the 4 days, this important issue will be the object of regular debriefing sessions.

Whether it is to learn more during the training, to prepare the round-tables or to be ready to tackle life issues later (studies, work, family…), this workshop enables the participants to optimize their learning abilities.

- Educationnal progression
- Learning spaces
- Know oneself better to learn better
- Multiple intelligence (8 different types)
- Cultural obstacles to information exchanges
- Cognitive aspects of human behaviour regarding learning
- Educationnal methods and tools
- Importance of sleep in the learning process

 Organising a project at Objectif Sciences International

The active members and permanent employees of the association constantly organise and manage new ambitious projects. This workshop will allow the participants to undersand how the NGO is organised and for what reasons. This will feed their knowledge about existing organisations and will give them additionnal references.

- the role of the NGO’s headquarters and its collaborative international organigram
- Science Camps and their executive teams
- Education and Research Programmes
- Solidarity leaves and Expeditions
- Holiday camps
- Science school trips
- Concept papers, work papers and operation management

 Sporting and cultural activities

Sporting and cultural activities will be offered everyday throughout the training. Sports activities will be held in a natural environment in a spirit of leisure and relaxation. These activities adapted to the needs and desires of each will give the opportunity to know one another better and to learn to manage one’s energy, ambition and real abilities.

 Academic credits

The activities described above will enable the participants to acquire several skills mentionned in the public schools’ programmes of USA, Canada, Québec, Switzerland and Belgium. It is also possible to get credits in several private French schools. Similarly, it is also absolutely possible to get academic credits from the participant’s home University after following the « Meetings of Excellence » training.

Participation to this training will enable the young people to get a certificate divided in two parts. The first one is a list of all the workshops followed, with details about the contents and skills acquired. The second evaluates the participant depending on his level of participation and his ability to conduct his project all the way. The whole certificate is signed by the responsible of the Meetings of Excellence.

As the Meetings of Excellence are realised in respect to the educationnal approach of Objectif Sciences International (Personnal Project Approach), the participants will take great pleasure in conducting their work throughout the week. The learnings are of great quality for the persons who willingly participated to the training.

This document allows the service in charge of delivering academic credits to give one or several to the pupil or student. This has been done in the past for many participants who had a credit system in their school, even for science camps in the summer, which can count for the finished school year or the one to come. The final decision is left to the commission responsible for giving out the credits. To this day, all the students who asked for credits with this certificate were allowed to get them.


To be able to do physical activities and to think, fresh air, sun and water will be needed. But most of all... good food ! There, the food will be varied and delicious, in good quantity and natural.

The Meetings of Excellence will be the perfect occasion for the training centre’s team to be even more passionnate and creative to invent a menu perfectly adapted to an intense week of intellectual and physical activities.

 Now, let us have fun !

The Meetings of Excellence are also the occasion for the young people who have already done OSI camps to meet up with each other again, to share photos and memories. And... to spend extraordinary evenings together !

New-comers will be well integrated to the team from the first evening, during which photos of other camps are shown and commented. It is the occasion to remember happy moments in a relaxed atmosphere.

Of course there will also be astronomy nights for the people interested, and other convivial evenings can be organised by and with the participants.

For even more exciting evenings, shows or improvisation games are most welcome if everyone is interested ! Though the educators will guarantee these evenings to be successful, these Meetings of Excellence are the occasion for young people to participate to the preparation and to learn about all the tricks leading to a great activity.

 For more information...

In order to get even more details about the way the training will ber un, you will find as an example the logbook of your predecessors. It was kept from the 25 Oct 2009 to the 1st Nov 2009 during the European Meetings of Excellence on this link.

The Meetings of Excellence take place each year in the autumn in prevision of the General Assembly of the NGO’s Volunteers.

See you soon !

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